Specialty computer, legacy PLC, and industrial process sourcing

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Industrial process and legacy parts sourcing

United States – sales@tarvos.io
United States – +1.216.377.0201

With a collective experience of over two decades in enterprise data centers and power plant operations, our team is primed to meet the material sourcing demands of the modern technical and industrial environments.

Our competencies range from data center infrastructure and scalable HPC (high performance computing) servers, to PLC (programmable logic controller) and electromechanical systems integral to heavy industry and industrial process. Whether sourcing OEM parts for use in large-scale turbines or identifying legacy components for older yet critical data systems, our vast network of trusted vendors provide an unparalleled advantage when it comes to locating the hard-to-find resources essential averting costly downtime.

By bridging the gap between high-end data center technology and the demands of heavy industry, Tarvos Group LTD is able to present a solution aligned with almost any industry. For a sourcing partner who is able to understand the technical complexities of your needs, look no further than Tarvos Group LTD.

Industrial computer systems

Modern industrial environments rely heavily on computer systems to control and manage various processes. These computer systems need to be hardend to mitigate the threat of cyber-attack on real-world infrastructure. Having expreience in both heavy industry and massive data centers the Tarvos team is able to speak both languages to best understand the needs of your organization, and design systems that will integrate with your workflow.

Process telemetry & monitoring

Process monitoring and system reporting is key to maximizing efficiency as well as detecting potential failure prior to a catastrophic event. We are familiar with networking in industrial and power generation environments and can assist with deploying connected PLCs or other monitoring hardware while ensuring secure operation from a network perspective.

Chemical processing equipment

Chemical processing is essential to many facilities, and a degraded equipment state can cause a massive loss of productivity or be a critical safety hazzard. Be it specialized Viton seals for handling flourine gas or chlorine injectors for water treatment, Tavos is able to source all common chemicals and components. Controlled items may also be sourced with the appropriate authorization.

Electro-mechanical parts

Any industrial process facility will contain hundreds of electric and mechanical subsystems essential for operation. We are famliar with the interactions and uses of such systems and through our network we are able to quickly source maintenance components and wear items. Often we are able to offer these parts below market price.

Electric motors, pumps, & VFDs

Many customer facilities are critically dependant on electric motors and VFDs (variable frequency drives) for essential functions such as water purification pumps and reverse osmosis purification systems. We are familiar with manufacturers and vendors of such equipment and can rapidly locate components.

Legacy, Obsolete, & Exotic parts

The lifespan of large industrial installations can often outlast the OEM parts supply. A frequent challenge faced by all industries is locating and procuring legacy or obsolete parts to keep equipment operational. The Tarvos team is extremely resourceful and through relationships with our customers is able to source parts not available on the market. In the most critical situations we understand that the original machinery was made by humans, therefore it is possible to reproduce any component.

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