Linux Migration Services

Tarvos Group has successfully deployed Linux working environments for multiple businesses ranging from private contractors to small scale engineering firms. Modern desktop Linux is an excellent solution for businesses tired of being restricted by tech mega-corporations such as Microsoft and Apple. With no mandatory upgrades or hidden telemetry services, your business can rest assured that your technology only serves your organization.

Local Virtualized Environments

For years, enterprise computing has revolved around virtualization. Today, this technology is no longer reserved exclusively for large scale operations. Our virtualized environment is an excellent solution for organizations which place a high priority on data security and flexibility. From virtual workstations for remote employees to private file servers that eliminate reliance on services like dropbox, all can be achieved with an on-site virtualization solution.

Fleet & Asset Tracking

Inefficiencies in tracking labor or equipment can result in lost profits and wasted  hours. Our asset tracking solution collects and organizes data from the field, producing a concise and accurate report that allows management a true perspective of company resources. An easy-to-use interface allows simple input of time card punches or equipment checkouts from a mobile phone, eliminating complex and time consuming steps.

Secure On-Site Storage

Services like Dropbox or Google Drive offer the flexibility of accessing your files remotely and sharing resources with your team. However, when using these services your organization forefits control over your data, becoming subject to the policies of the provider and potentially giving consent for your data to be mined. We offer assembly and deployment of secure storage systems that give you complete control over your data. Traffic to and from these servers is fully encrypted, allowing safe access to your files anywhere in the world.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Each business has unique problems it must solve. Frequently, workflows can be radically improved through automating mundane and tedious tasks which consume valuable hours. A bespoke software solution may be the force multiplier required to take your organization to the next level. Our developers carefully consider the pain points of each client and design a system to eliminate specific time sinks and inefficiencies.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the future of computing. In 2018 Tarvos Group developed an initial machine learning prototype intended to ease strain and fatigue experienced by security teams tasked with monitoring CCTV. We have since continued to invest resources into this nascent technology. Built around DNN (Deep Neural Network) architecture, our system is able to learn in the field. Unlike consumer products enhanced by AI, our solutions are deployed on site to provide maximum operational security, eliminating any dependency on cloud processing. 

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