Starting at $3799.99

The Mi-510 hypervisor node is the ideal balance between cost and performance. Able to support all standard virtual assets and the ability to add a single compute accelerator card enabling Ai-capable assets such as IP camera monitoring or natural language processing powered by the GPTneoX model.

The entire Mi series is built around the principle of longevity and serviceability even in the event of supply chain disruption. To achieve this we have built the Mi-510 using parts with a standard non-proprietary form factor. In a situation requiring urgent repair, the Mi-510 is designed to accept replacement parts from multiple vendors. While Tarvos does have preferred disks in inventory, storage disks are all standard SATA or NVME allowing replacement drives to be sourced from nearly any computer retailer. The same philosophy extends to items such as the power supply unit, which is a standard ATX unit, and can be replaced with any power supply capable of a minimum of 750 watts.

The Mi-510 allows for versitile configuration, running an Intel Xeon v3 series CPU, a maximum of 16 cores with 32 threads and up to 128GB of system memory can be installed. The Mi-510 is ideal for hosting virtual workstations for your team, as well as network services such as, demilitarized storage, archive storage, databases, management & CRM tools, etc.

Intel Xeon E5 Processor

  • Xeon E5-2699v3 – 18 cores / 36 threads
    2.30 GHz / 145 watts
  • Xeon E5-2698v3 – 16 cores /32 threads
    2.30 GHz / 135 watts
  • Xeon E5-2697v3 – 14 cores / 28 threads
    2.60 GHz / 145 watts
  • Xeon E5-2690v3 – 12 cores / 24 threads
    2.60 GHz / 135 watts
  • Xeon E5-2687Wv3 – 10 cores / 20 threads
    3.10 GHz / 160 watts
  • Xeon E5-2643v3 – 6 cores / 12 threads
    3.40 GHz / 135 watts

DDR4 ECC Server Memory

  • DDR4 ECC 32GB (4x8GB SK Hynix)
    2133 MHz
  • DDR4 ECC 64GB (4x16GB SK Hynix)
    2133 MHz
  • DDR4 ECC 128GB (4x32GB SK Hynix)
    2133 MHz

    ZFS SSD RAID pairs – Asset Storage

    • 2x 500GB ZFS SSD RAID Pairs
      + 2x 2TB Baremetal storage disks
      (General purpose configuration)
    • 2x 1TB ZFS SSD RAID Pairs
      + 2x 4TB Baremetal storage disks
      (Increased capacity configuration)
    • 3x 2TB ZFS SSD RAID Pairs
      + (additional storage by PCI-e only)
      (High capacity configuration)
    • 2x 500GB ZFS SSD RAID Pairs
      + 1x 1TB ZFS HDD RAID Pair
      (Balanced capacity configuration)

    PCI-e Expansion / Accelerators

    • Deep Neural Network configuration
      PCI-e x16 – Nvidia RTX3090 48GB
      PCI-e x1 – (unused)
      + $2,109.99 (Hypervisor configuration included)
    • vGPU Virtual Workstation configuration
      PCI-e x16 – AMD FirePro S7150x2 16GB
      PCI-e x1 – (unused)
      + $2,856.99 (Hypervisor configuration included)
    • FPGA research configuration
      PCI-e x16 – Xilinx VCU1525 64GB DDR4 FPGA
      PCI-e x1 – (unused)
      + $6,941.99 (Hypervisor configuration included)
    • Client specified configuration
      PCI-e x16 – (Client specified)
      PCI-e x1 – (Client specified)
      +  (Cost to be determined)

    Networking Interfaces

    • 1x Gigabit Management interface
      (Default interface)
    • (Optional) 10Gb/s Ethernet NIC
      (Configurable interface requires PCI-e x8 slot)
    • (Optional) 40Gb/s Fibre NIC
      (Configurable interface requires PCI-e x8 slot)
    • (Optional) 100Gb/s Fibre NIC
      (Configurable interface requires PCI-e x16 slot)

    Bespoke Virtual Assets

    In addition to the standard virtual assets, the Mi-510 can be configured to support exotic and non-standard virtual assets. These include:

    • Natural language Ai model
      (Open-source GPTneoX)
    • vGPU accelerated workstation
      (Windows & Linux)
    • Ai enhanced IP camera monitor
      (Zoneminder + Nvidia CUDA & OpenCV)
    • Cryptocurrency Miner
      (XMRig & others)

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