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Tarvos Group, Ltd.

In late 2017, our team founded Tarvos Group with the intention of making digital assets an approachable investment for the uninitiated. Modeled as a cloud computing platform rather than an exchange, our system embraces the decentralized design philosophy and puts the client in complete control over their account and assets. We believe that education and the right tools empower investors to make strategic and effective decisions concerning their digital portfolio.

Based in Buffalo, NY, we have personally worked with clients both locally and nationally to help them join the growing digital asset and cryptocurrrency market. Our intuitive step-by-step process provides clients with every tool and resource needed to safely and successfully manage their digital asset portfolio.

What is a mining contract?

Mining is the process through which traditional cryptocurrency is generated by solving complex cryptographic puzzles. Mining servers are highly specialized systems that use parallel computing, often in the form of graphics processing units, to try millions of solutions per second in search of a solution known as a nonce. Through this process a blockchain is built and preserved, the reward for participating in this process is the cryptocurrency of value on the network.

Our mining contracts cover and include:

  • Guaranteed minimum hashrate
  • All electricity costs
  • Load balancing and software and hardware upkeep
  • Shared downtime coverage and algorithm compensation
  • A/C cooling costs
  • Brand new hardware wallet
  • Ethereum Digital Assets guide book by Henning Diedrich
  • In person walkthrough of the basics of digital asset ownership, safety and security.
What is an ERC721 investment?

ERC721 tokens also known as non-fungible tokens, are less fluid in nature and are more compareable to traditional investments such as fine artwork or assets with historic value. These tokens vary greatly in characteristics and value, as they are coded usually to exist as a part of a larger system that offers real-world utility. Because of this, each ERC721 investment is unique and must be evaluated individually.

How do I begin?

Starting is simple. Fill out our contact form, call (716) 245-6440 or email We will be happy to setup a meeting and guide you through our step-by-step process to creating your account and start growing your portfolio!


All assets are stored securley in a hardware wallet that is in your possesion.


Our mining rigs operate 24/7 with minimal downtime.


Your mined funds are deposited directly to your wallet on a monthly basis.


Our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions anytime.