Conventional Systems and OS Liberation

Reclaim your Computing Freedom

– What is Linux and why make the switch?

Linux is open-source, which means that the code used to build it is freely available. This allows independent developers and enthusiasts to find and eliminate security risks, as well as provide general improvements and create unique applications.

Linux is the most common operating system for devices worldwide, and is utilized by both network security experts and hackers around the world. Despite these high-end uses, Linux is as user-friendly as any commercial operating system.

Furthermore, Linux was built with efficient use of resources in mind. With a footprint many times smaller than Apple OSX or Microsoft Windows, installing Linux allows the full utilization of your computer’s power, instead of being bogged down with bloatware and ads. And with an open license, there is no third party dictating how your computer can be used. A thriving community of open-source developers provides software that meets – and often exceeds – the abilities of any Windows or Apple product currently used.

Custom Built Systems

– Why is Tarvos different?

We understand that you need the right tool for the job. By making the client a full partner in the build process, we can construct a system that works best for the task at hand.

Just as we have no standard client, we have no standard systems. Production starts only after careful consultation and agreement. No delivery is complete without installation, operation, and education. Support and service is available not only for our machines, but all makes and operating systems.

While Linux is our preferred operating system, we recognize that there may be specialized workflows that require Microsoft Windows. For this reason we offer dual boot and virtualization options that support Windows.

 Prototype Electronics

– What is your goal?

Aspiration, inspiration, and perspiration equals innovation. 

Tarvos knows that there is no problem without a solution, but that perhaps your solution has not been built yet.

The prototyping lab at Tarvos Group currently researches robotics and automation. With extensive experience in electronic modules and sensors, from microcomputing through automotive applications, we are readying innovations for the 21st Century and beyond.

To ride the forefront of innovation, one must lose the fear of falling off the edge, for the edge is where the mainstream fears to tread, where true genius may be found. True genius and sheer madness.