Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

For the past year we have been diligently researching and developing security oriented Artificial Intelligence systems. We are proud to announce the arrival of our Sentinel line, which is designed with broad flexibility and near infinite scalability in mind.

Featuring cutting edge machine vision, a Sentinel is trained to identify objects of interest such as people and vehicles. Additionally, each system can be calibrated to meet a customer’s specific needs. Also it can be configured to interact with nearly all existing surveillance systems, eliminating the need for vendor specific hardware.

A Sentinel system can operate as a standalone unit or as a force multiplier if deployed alongside a human security team. For sites with existing automation or sensors, integration is made possible through our open software design. Stability is ensured through a robust system built on a hardened Linux variant similar to that used in DARPA robotics systems. Sentinel features a regenerative neural network designed to rebuild itself in the event of partial model corruption. The underlying hardware supporting Sentinel is enterprise grade, designed for 24/7 operation and high availability applications.

Deep learning goes far beyond the Sentinel. With the power of numerous side-by-side processing channels and our hardware’s built-in scalability, your complex data sets can be handled with ease. We offer a range of AI related services, such as customized off-site processing, installation build-out, and solutions consulting.

Contact us for a consult on your unique project, and find out what the future can be.